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Frequently Asked Questions by Small Business Owners like yourself

  1. What is the cost of the platform?

    We are a FREE platform currently. Absolutely no hidden fees.

  2. How soon does my business and deals go live?

    Our speed and simplicity have been a key goal to help small businesses. We make your business and deals live within minutes (if not seconds :)

  3. How soon do I start seeing customers from our platform?

    We are in early days but most of the small businesses should start seeing customers in first 30 days after creating their first coupon.

  4. How can I do I add more deals after my first deal & track results of current deals?

    Download our mobile app and login on business login with account details you just created. After logging in, you can create as many deals as you would like and scan any customers walking up to your business with the deals they saw on Momnpop Hub.

  5. A customer just walked saying they saw a deal on Momnpop Hub for my business, how do I redeem this deal for customer?

    Our mobile app has a scanner specific to your business and deals. Please scan the deal from customer's Momnpop Hub mobile app and honor the deals. We automatically put your deals in inactive category if a deal expires and no customer can ever see an expired deal on Momnpop Hub platform. It is highly advisable to see customer's deal on Momnpop Hub app in order to see only live deals.

  6. Can my employees get on Momnpop Hub app?

    We allow multiple devices to login with the same business credentials so you can provide your employees with login credentials and they can use it on Android, iPhone's. You can also have your employees sign up a separate account and notify us if you wish to integrate multiple accounts for one business. This can be done by requesting us to link multiple accounts at

Benefits for small business owners

Search with Mom n Pop Hub
Simplify customer acquisition through small business promotion on a single platform as opposed to multiple marketing platforms.
Mom n Pop Hub Network
Simplify customer acquisition Retain and engage customers locally and nationally at a cost 90% cheaper than other platforms. .
Analytics and Marketing
Simplify customer acquisition Use the power of analytics and marketing to drive your small business growth, just like larger business at a fraction of the cost.
About Mom n Pop Hub

How it works

We are the only platform connecting small businesses to millions of customers who love supporting you! The 3 steps below show how Mom N’ Pop Hub’s platform works.

  • Signup and Create your First Deal

    Signup your Small Business with our platform and add your existing or new deal on any product or services you offer. All this within a matter of minutes forFREE.

  • We Promote Your Business & Deals

    We use the power of marketing, data science to advertise your business and deal to customers locally and nationally.

  • Acquire New Customers & Track Growth

    Your business starts getting new customers and you can scan the deals using the mobile app. You can track the progress of your coupons and various analytics directly from our small business friendly mobile app.

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We love helping small businesses.